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Our Community Services

Victorian Home and Community Care can provide a range of community services which draw on disability expertise but operate outside the NDIS funding environment. Please contact us to discuss a service you may require.


Maintaining connections between children and their families is critical for children’s development, fostering a strong sense of identity and paving the way to healthy and understanding family relationships throughout adulthood. Some families may require supports to maintain family contact between children, parents or other significant people.


Victorian Home and Community Care offer family contact supports, to provide facilitated or supervised contact opportunities in the community or the family home. Victorian Home and Community Care currently provides contact supports for children subject to statutory involvement under the Children, Youth and Families Act.

Contact arrangements will be tailored to the unique family circumstance and legal requirements which may apply to the family in question.


Victorian Home and Community Care is experienced in working with culturally and linguistically diverse community members and can provide bi-lingual family contact services in a range of languages and provides written notes following every session.


Eligibility for Victorian Home and Community Care’s family contact service is subject to a risk assessment. To explore out contact service please contact us.

Family Using a Tablet


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Many Victorians experience the need for disability-informed supports to maintain their safety, well-being and to foster their own or a family members’ positive growth and development.

Victorian home and Community Care can work with government agencies and contracted providers to deliver a range of supports to any member of the community in a trauma and disability informed manner. This support includes both in-home and community-based support for children, carers and families.

Our staff bring a range of disciplines including community services, disability, nursing and mental health and understand the impact of trauma.


Victorian Home and Community Care is experienced respects all people and cultures and understand the need for native-language services. We can work to find qualified bi-lingual staff to deliver disability informed welfare supports in the native-language of service users.


To further explore our disability informed community supports please contact us.

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