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Elizabeth Schroeter

Team Leader- Support Coordination and Psychosocial and Recovery Coaching

Hello, I’m Elizabeth the new Team leader for Support Coordination and Psychosocial and Recovery Coaching in Ballarat and Western Victoria.

I have lived in the Ballarat area for over 30 years and raised my family here. I have worked both in Ballarat, Western Victoria, Geelong and Greater Melbourne over the last 40 years in Disability, Vocational Training, Employment and Community development.

I have a lived experience of disability through my older sister Jenny who was born with an intellectual disability in the 1950’s. The services to support people back then where very sparse and we placed her at Janefield, a training centre run by the Victorian government in Melbourne, a very difficult decision.

My motivation to working with people with a disability and others who are socially and economically disadvantaged was due to my sister and my family’s involvement in supporting people in their community.

I trained as a disability nurse during the 1980’s so I could support people with a disability to live a good life and support them to be more independent in their community and greater choice and control over their lives. I have been a passionate advocate of the development of supports for people with a disability for over 40 years.

I added to my qualifications to enable me to work across a wider are in the disability and community services including teaching and management. I need to give a shout out to Federation University Ballarat as I have developed and learned through them as well as taught in several certificates and diploma’s level courses with them.

I have enjoyed and been challenged in my work life and really wouldn’t change anything I did. I have work with some amazing people and organisations each adding to the journey I have been travelling on. Some of my experiences have included providing NDIS support coordination and psychosocial recovery coaching to people with complex needs. Case management in the disability justice system to offenders with a disability. Working with people with disabilities who also have chronic health conditions, drug and alcohol addictions, homelessness, domestic violence and isolation from their families and communities. Developing neighbourhood house programs and community development, supporting people working in disability employment to develop their personal, work skills and independence and supporting people to live independently in their community.

I love a new challenge and I am excited to be working with Victorian Home and Community Care to develop the Support coordination and the Psychosocial recovery coaching team in Ballarat and Western Victoria.

Elizabeth – Life is to be lived and to bring others along on the journey.

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Elizabeth Schroeter
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