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NDIS Service Provider in Box Hill & Eastern Victoria

Welcome to Victorian Home & Community Care (VHCC) in Box Hill and Eastern Victoria, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional support coordination and core services to individuals with disabilities. Our team of highly experienced support coordinators, with expertise spanning over 30 years in disability and mental health, as well as 5 years in NDIS, are here to empower you in every step of your NDIS journey.

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Our support coordinators can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Our care workers can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, Punjabi, Burmese, Zomi, Tamil, Malayalam, Vietnamese, Filipino, Croatian, Somalian and other African languages.

Our Support Coordination Services


Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination

Tailored support from highly skilled coordinators.


Level 2 Support Coordination

Assistance in optimising your NDIS plan for the best outcomes.


Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Personalised coaching to aid in psycho-social recovery and well-being.

Core Support Services in Box Hill and Eastern Victoria

At Victorian Home & Community Care (VHCC), we are dedicated to providing comprehensive core support services that cater to a wide range of needs for individuals with disabilities in Ballarat and Western Victoria. Our core services are designed to enhance overall well-being and empower individuals to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Our core support services encompass an array of essential assistance, including:


Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supporting individuals to live independently and enhance their daily living skills within a supported group home environment.


Assistance with Daily Living:

Supporting with daily activities such as showering, toileting, dressing, grooming, eating, drinking, and transfers within the house.

Learning Sign Language

Children & Family Support

Offering specialised support for children with disabilities and their families, addressing their unique needs and challenges.

Holding Hands

24/7 and Overnight Care

Providing round-the-clock care and support to ensure safety, health, and assistance during all hours.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

Supporting Social Inclusion

Facilitating social integration and participation, promoting an inclusive and supportive community environment.

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Managing Complex Transitions (Hospitals)

Assisting in smooth transitions between hospital stays and returning to home or other care settings.

Compass & Map

Assistance with Travel/Transport

Aiding in transportation and travel to various destinations, ensuring individuals can access necessary services and activities.

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Community Participation

Encouraging active involvement in the community through social activities, recreation, leisure, sports, and more, fostering social connections and inclusivity.

Graphic Designers

Culturally Tailored Supports

Tailoring supports to align with cultural preferences and requirements, respecting and valuing individual cultural backgrounds.Tailoring supports to align with cultural preferences and requirements, respecting and valuing individual cultural backgrounds.

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Cleaning & Gardening

Providing assistance with household cleaning and outdoor garden maintenance to create a safe and pleasant living environment.

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Bi-Lingual Support Workers

Providing support from workers proficient in multiple languages, ensuring effective communication and understanding of diverse needs.

Young Volunteers

Community Nursing

Delivering skilled nursing care within a comfortable community setting, ensuring health and well-being are maintained.

Mother and Daughter Communicating

Interpretation and Translation

Assisting with language interpretation and translation to bridge communication gaps and ensure clear understanding of services.

Gait Training Exercise

Daily Personal Activities Including High Intensity

Providing assistance with high-intensity daily personal activities, ensuring individuals receive the appropriate level of support and care.

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A Person and Family-Centered Approach:

We believe in a person and family-centered approach to ensure that you receive the best care and support. Our approach includes:

Our approach includes

Understanding and Optimizing Your NDIS Plan:

Assisting you in comprehending and maximizing your NDIS plan.

Linking to Disability and Mainstream Supports:

Exploring and linking you to essential supports.

Plan Management and Advocacy:

Support, monitoring, and management of your plan, including assistance with appeals and reviews.

Primary Point of Contact:

Serving as a crucial link between individuals with disabilities and relevant service providers.

Case Planning and Hospital Discharge Assistance:

Providing comprehensive assistance, including hospital discharge planning.

Contact VHCC 

Suite 1/486 Station Street Box Hill VIC 3128

Phone: 1300 048 422, Mobile: 0435 931 212

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